I’m in E6 and I need a fix (of caffeine)

Hi E6-ers! This post is a guide to where you can source caffeine and brunch-type menus in East Ham.

We have all seen the online threads asking where you can find a decent coffee place around here. I have therefore set about reviewing those I have stumbled across in my short time in E6.

This post doesn’t exclusively feature ground coffee beans sourced from Peru (darhhlling) so pure coffee worshippers might want to look away now. The rules is that these cafes are all situated locally so you won’t need to travel far. I have also featured snapshots of the menu so you can compare prices.

I hope that after this you are more enlightened as to where you can ‘take 5’ in E6 with an injection of caffeine.

Parkside Cafe

Address: 127 East Ham High Street South, E6 3PA

This place is a favourite with ‘Greatfielders’ with a need for a quick fix as it is the closest place for a caffeine hit. You can get a black or white americano and grab a paper and excellent fry-up if you like as well.

Perks: Wi-fi is available – so you can get out your obligatory smartphone, tablet or laptop and look as though you are doing some important work.

Opening times: Mon-Fri 6am-4pm; Saturday 7am-4pm; Sunday 7am-4pm

Ambience: Of late Parkside cafe is undergoing a refurbishment. There is also the added bonus of outside space if you want to observe the White Horse (!) or maybe look over at the green of Central Park. Rumour has it that an outside canopy is also going to be added soon. The efforts here have caught the eyes of many Greatfielders and are much appreciated. Ed Sheeran (who is pretty much a superstar now) has even had a cup of tea here so it must be ok.

Read our post on how much we love Parkside from a few months back, and check them out on Facebook and Instagram.


Address: 166(-ish) East Ham High Street North, E6 2JA.

(Possibly) one of the best things to happen in the summer of 2016 was this place opening in East Ham. So excited were we that we covered it when it first opened in its own blog post. Also check them out on Facebook.

Perks: There is a coffee ‘happy hour’ every day, 7am-10am, where coffee is served at £1 per cup.

Opening times: Monday 7am-9pm; Saturday 7am-9pm; Sunday 10am-8pm

Ambience: The interior decor here has a good feel. Cosy and coffee shop-like with a few artsy quotes on the wall for good measure. Grub is Eastern European. There is also coffee and tea and the opportunity to chill out in pleasant surroundings. Long may this establishment continue!

The Larder London (new)

Address: Central Park and Plashet Park,  E6

Opening times: Wednesday-Sunday 9-5pm

Fact: Coffee is locally sourced. Prices are reasonable and in line with other local establishments.

Ambience: Situated looking out onto Central Park, location wise this place is onto a winner as it is away from main roads and bustling shoppers. Inside the decor consists of multiple plants. The kitchen has yet to be so we are waiting to sample the final product but lunch and brunch are promised.


The Larder recently did a call for artwork to brighten up its spartan walls in Central Park so if you are a local artist do get in touch eat@larderlondon.co.uk

Social Media: The company has its own website and Central Park has its own facebook page and twitter account.

Aunt Sally’s

Address: 14 Pilgrims Way E6 1HW (opposite the entrance to East Ham market).

Opening times: Monday 7am–5pm; Saturday 7am–5pm; Sunday 9am–3pm

Ambience: Inside it is distinctly old-school East End with a flavour of the greasy spoon about it. The place is small, and well used by locals – a friendly spot where you can get a hit of caffeine. Burgers, breakfasts and snacks are also all available should you be feeling peckish.`


Friends Coffee House

Address: 749 Barking Road E13 9ER

Perks: Filtered coffee is served and sometimes a biscuit is thrown in for free. Friends Coffee House is also located right next to Newham Bookshop so if you want to enjoy some literature with the smell of coffee beans this is your place.

Opening Times: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm; Saturday 8am-3pm

Ambience: Really nice service. A sofa even looks out onto a view of the Bobby Moore statue, so you can sit there and contemplate how long ago it was that England won the World Cup. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then you can sit and read your book from Newham Bookshop in a relaxed, chilled ambience. Food is also available at reasonable prices.


Bubble Tea Bar

Address: 19 East Ham High Street North, E6 1HS

Perks: The USP of this place is that is sells bubble tea. What is this, I hear you say? Well, it’s a drink consisting of tapioca balls in all sorts of fun flavours.

Opening times: Mon-Fri 6am-4pm; Saturday 7am-4pm; Sunday 7am-4pm

Ambience: If you were expecting a trendy Bubbleology-style bar – prepare to be let down. Interior decoration could do with a serious pizzazz injection and on a busy day it can be a little intense here. It is, however, a place to sit and grab a coffee which wasn’t available previously. It also has wi-fi and tapioca balls. If that combination tickles your fancy, this is the place for you.


Address: East Ham Market Hall, Myrtle Road E6 1HY

Perks: Ground coffee is served and it is within the Market Hall which is a treasure trove of all sorts.

Opening times: Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm

Ambience: Easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there – this place is a nice little retreat off the bustling High Street so offers a much quieter place to take five minutes. Ground coffee is served at a cheap price so it automatically gets a good score. Daily special meal deal is also available which ranges from shepherd’s pie to jalfrezi, if you want to stay for longer than a quick coffee.



Address: 50 East Ham High Street North, E6 2HJ

Perks: We all know Costa and like Costa stamps which will eventually lead to a free coffee.

Opening times: Mon-Sun 7am-8pm

Ambience: The inside area is nicely done up and there is plenty of space. In case you didn’t know, Costa is a multinational British coffee company with over 1,000 coffee houses across the UK and 1,200 across the world. Costa therefore knows what it is doing with coffee and service – so it is a good bet. If, however, you want a coffee towards the cheaper end or you are into growing ‘local’ businesses you might want to venture elsewhere!

And here are the menus, concluding some of the places I have found in the past two and a half years where one can grab a coffee. We would love to hear of any other places you have found and would recommend. Alternatively, any budding coffee entrepreneurs out there please, please, PLEASE grind some coffee beans in East Ham. Let us know! #makeithappen!

By Naomi


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